API documentation

All api calls return json response. Response from user is expected to be in json as well when applicable.

PHP developers are recommended to use our apiPHP library.

Get project balance
This method returns list of balances of the project
Get list of supported coins
This method returns list of supported coins in CedsonHub
Check if username belongs to CedsonHub account
This method used to check if username exists in CedsonHub system and/or could receive payments
This method used to send payouts
Recent payouts
This method returns last 10 payouts made using specified Api key
Sites list
This method returns list of sites that support CedsonHub platform
Accept payment
This feature allows site owners to accept payment from other users of CedsonHub, can be also called as merchant API.

How it works

CedsonHub provides two endpoints to implement this feature.

First, to create an invoice or payment request. Here site owner will specify currency and the amount of the transaction.

Once, payment request is created site owner will be provided with a link, where the user needs to be redicted to confirm the payment.

Second, to verify invoice or payment request status.

Once, user confirmed or canceled the transaction. Site owner can check its status, and perform required actions based on result.

We recommend site owners to show, 'verify my payment' button to their users, to prevent unnecessary checks of transaction's status.

Description of the status

Pending: invoice is created, however, yet was not verified or canceled by user.

Paid: invoice is paid, site owner received payment. Please don't check this invoice's status again, as it's already paid.

Canceled: invoice is canceled, user decided not to pay this invoice. Please don't check this invoice's status again, as it was rejected by user.


Make sure to show user the invoice details and status.

Make sure to store redirect_url and other details of the invoice, in case user was not able finish transaction from the first try. For example: user did not have enough funds.

Don't send user to redirect_url of invoice that already has status of 'Paid' or 'Canceled', such invoices are completed so the link is invalid.

Accept payment: create invoice
This method creates an invoice or payment request
Accept payment: verify invoice
This method returns current state of an invoice or payment request
Error response
CedsonHub API returns response with response code 200, only if request was successful. Therefore, first of all make sure to check http response codes